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Growing Up

We grow up from a small garage to 8000㎡ standard industrical workshop in the passing 5 years.

Strong Service

We send our engineer to each clients to help them familiar with SuThai extrusion machine

25 year experience

25 year experience help you avoid the traps when you invest a new plastic extrusion factory .

Customized Solution

Work with along the plastic extrusion plant, we help them improve the old technology to automatically or half-auto product line ,to reduce humanpower

Reliable Parts

We always do our best to keep the price as low as possible without sacrificing quality, and we constantly investigating new methods of quality improvement.

Stable Team

Half of the employee worked with us over 5 years.


Our History

Suthai Machinery factory  was founded in year 1998, we have focused on plastic extrusion equipment for almost 20 years in China. 

Now we have grown up as top manufacturer of precise plastic extrusion machines in South China.

We manufacture plastic extruder, plastic extrusion machine, plastic extrusion production line, plastic machine, plastic machinery for production of various plastic pipe, profile, rod, sheet, tape, strip, band, filament etc. 

Our Factory

Our factory covers an area of 8000m2 workshop, including electric wiring workshop, machining workshop for metal processing, assembly workshop, production commissioning workshop, finishing workshop, packaging / storage workshop and spare parts warehouse. 

We own a strong professional team with rich experience in plastic extrusion industry, including engineering design team like senior mechanical engineers & electrical engineers, manufacturing team, and skilled live commissioning engineering team.

Our Product

1. Precise medical catheter extrusion machine;

2. PC/PMMA light tube / profile extrusion machine;

3. PMMA acrylic rod extrusion production line;

4. FEP/PFA/PTFE tubing extrusion production line;

5. 3d printer filament extrusion production line;

6. Hot melt adhesive rod / stick extrusion production line;

7. Edge banding tape extrusion production line;

8. Shower door Seal strip extrusion machine;

9. WPC / PS foaming production line; 

10. Imitated marble profile extrusion production line;

11. Imitated rattan extrusion line;

12. TPU/PVC/PP/PE/POM/PA etc plastic pipe/profile extrusion machine;

13. TPU/PVC etc braided reinforced pressure tube extrusion machine;

14. Drink straw / lollipop stick / refill / cotton bud / rubber band / strapping band / plastic sheet extrusion machine;

15. Plastic coating extrusion machine;

16. Plastic extrusion granulating / pelletizing production line;

17. Conical twin screw extruder machine, single screw extruder machine;

18. Various kinds of vacuum calibration water tank, profile calibration table;

19. Haul off unit / tractor machine, cutting machine, winder machine;

20. Various kinds of precise pipes, profiles dies processing and design. 

We supply above various plastic extrusion production equipments to a wide range of companies 

including listed companies, multinational companies all over the world.

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