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ASA+PVC Glazed Tile​ Production Line

Eco-friendly and  revolutionary  new  PVC construction products. It replace the Steel glazed tile and last for over 15 years without corrosion.

ASA+PVC Glazed tile production Making Machine 
  •  3 Laycer co-extrusion technology, patent filter net method, inside layer can adapted recycle material.
  • Unique ASA film extrusion technology, Could control the film thickness to be 10μm  . Help clients reduce ASA material consume.
  • New design for screw and barrel, better plastic melt .
  • Improved  forming machine , enhanced cooling speed and efficence, and better glazed shape .
  • Haul off machine adapted SIMENS  Variable-frequency control, The speed could be adjustable.
  • High speed automatically constant length cutting machine. Precision could be under 1mm .
Machine Combination:
1* 80  Conical twin screw( process PVC powder ) SJSZ-80 1
2 45 Single screw extruder(Proces ASA powder) SJ-45*30 1
3* 45 Single screw extruder(Proces transport PVC powder) SJ-65 1
4 ASA film extrusion dies(unique and patent technology) SJ-ASA1300 1
5* Glazed tile extrusion dies SJ-LLW1300 1
6* Glazed tile forming machine SJ2220*1050 1
7* Saw cutting machine SJW-C1050 1
8* Chassic for collector SJW-S1050 1
REMARKS: *marks meanings it’s necessary.
Products Could be produced:
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