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Braided Plastic Tube Extrusion Machine​

Braided plastic tube widely applied to Industry and argriculture applications . Co-extrusion method enhance the varies of products to be produced by same machine.

Braided Plastic Tube Extrusion Machine

  Product PVC Braided and Suction Hose Plant

Product Details

– Smooth hand highly finished surface for molten raw material contact. – Plasma / Gas nitride hardening process resulting into hardned surface, high wear resistance and longer life. – Designed for uniform and homogenous material melt with constant flow. Energy efficient helical gear regulator unit with higher capacity thrust bearing. Different types of Dies, Parts, and calibrators are designed for uniform material melt flow Distribution. – Temperature and control Panel with PID digital temperature controllers, Ampere Meters, Rotary switches, thermocouples and MCBs for each heating zone. Ac variable speed drive with control having on-off push buttons speed regulating potentiometers, Digital RMP meters, Analogical Ampere Meters, And Speed Synchronism circuitry. – Systematic wiring with numbering ferrules on each end of the wires for easy and quick maintenance and repair
Machine Combination:
  • single extruder 2  sets
  • haul off machine 2 sets
  • water cooling tunk 2 sets
  • braided machine 1 sets
  • oven  1 sets
  • winder machine 1 set
braided RVD hose could be producted photo:

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