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FEP PTFE PFA Tubing Plastic Extrusion Machine​

FEP Tubing (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) is the preferred material in production of small diameter tubing of continuous lengths. While some temperature resistance is sacrificed with FEP (to 400º F), 

FEP PTFE PFA Tubing Plastic Extrusion Machine

1. The machine is used to produce PE, PTFE, teflon pipes which are used to bunch wires for protection purpose etc;
2. Applied materials: PE, PTFE, Teflon etc;
3. Features and advantages:
4. Easy operation, stable performance, high efficiency, low trouble rate;  Machine Combination:
  • Single screw extruder 1-2 sets
  • 3-5m Vacuum Calibrator water cooling tunk
  • Precision servo haul off machine
  • Winder machine or online precsion cutting machine
Products Could be produced:
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