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Excellent EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Glue Stick Rod Making Machine
1. EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Glue Stick Making Machine applies to produce varieties of hot melt granules, hot melt stick, hot melt adhesive film, using extrusion method, with reactor, extruder screw is specially designed to achieve a plasticizing, mixing effects, automatic cutting, frequency adjustment speed. Good energy-saving and high degree automation. The products are bright and uniform.
2. Entire device structure is well designed. Extruding uniformly. The cooling effect is good and surface is smooth. It is also equipped with Meters and automatic cutting device to ensure the length of product be adjustable. No special conditions required, as long as electricity and water supply can be guaranteed. In order to reduce costs, can also use the corresponding recycled materials. Non-pollution, waste recyclable.

3. Production process Ingredients –Mixing –Plasticization and Extrusion–Mould–Cooling — Traction — Measurement– Auto Cutting –Finished
4. The line can produce various type of hot melt adhesive sticks
5. Hot melt adhesive sticks applies to handicraft, electrical appliances, clothing, toys and so on
6. It can continuous production, overcomes the disadvantage of mixing uneven and poor transparency of reactor,
7. Save energy
8. One-step of reaction and extrusion to produce
9. The screw of the main machine by special design
10. Good mixed, smooth surface, good diaphaneity, uniform specifications
11. It is the most advanced technology of producing hot melt adhesive stick.

Machine Combination:

EVA hot melt glue stick rod and granules photo:

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