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Medical Pipe Extrusion Plant

All material made of medical 304 stainless steel , It can match the  GMP standard of medical products workshop

Medical Pipe hose  tube extrusion  Making Machine 
Medical tube made by TPE, PVC, silicon , and PU, PFE such materials is widely applied to medical field . Because it’s droppable, it need huge quantity .
  • Material made of MEDICAL stander 304 steel
  • Fully auto product line, match the request of GMP standard
  • Single resin validation
  • Resists kinking
  • Sealed in polybags for cleanliness (lot traceable)
  • Low absorption, adsorption & permeability
  • Free of silicone oils & animal-derivitives
  • Smooth interior for excellent flow & performance
  • Sterilizable by autoclave or gamma radiation
  • Temperature range: -88°F to 275°F
  • Meets FDA standards
Machine Combination:
  • Single screw extruder  1 sets
  • High precision medical hose dies
  • Vacuum Calibrator water cooling Tunk
  • Haul-off  machine
  • precision fly-knife cutting machine or winding machine
Products Could be produced:

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