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PA Nylon Tube Making Machine​

This product is featured by its good banding effect,easy operation and high etilization rate,therefore it is applicable to mechanical banding of solid furniture,composite doors and WPC doors.

PA Nylon Tube Making Machine

PA nylon tube extrusion line used for producing all kinds of different size PA nylon soft tubes, applied to break oil tube, instrument coil, air-condition pump, irrigation control system, textile factory, food factory, fuel transmission tube for vehicle & steamer, vacuum system, vibration isolator tube. Suitable material as PA6 PA66 PA11 PA10 PA12 
1) The PA Private screw is perfectly suitable for PA material extruding.
2) Core rods and die are made of S136 die steel, precision grinding, which ensures the inner flow surface glossiness and anti-corrosion. Structure of mold adopts “high pressure volumetric type”, can provide stable and high-speed extrusion for the tube material with tiny fluctuation.
3) Laser diameter measuring instrument and servo cutting machine to ensure a accurate length control.
4) Equipped weight Meter controller can be used to measure and control the weight of pipe per meter as well as its wall thickness automatically.
5) The pipe calibrator is made of brass, and the pipe shall be formed in two stages. The pipe will be formed preliminarily with pressure-stabilizing water in the front-part of pipe calibrator and then be cooled with cool water in the rear-part.
6) Controlling mode: Two sections control mode — Vacuum cooling in the front-part and dipping in soak in the rear part. The water temperature & water level is controlled automatically.
7) The length can be controlled automatically with rotary encoder and the pipe will be cut with servo cutter after the length is fixed. Machine Combination:
  • Single screw Extruder
  • PLC vacuum calibrator water tunk 4m
  • Servo driving haul-off machine
  • Winder machine
Products Could be produced:
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