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Plastic Reinforced Spiral Hose Making Machine

Most extruders are single screw machines. The screw is what forces the material towards, and then through, the die. Shape is imparted by the die, and/or by post-extrusion forming

Plastic Reinforced Spiral Hose Making Machine

1. The wall of Pipe is transparent soft PVC with spiral steel wire inside.
2. PVC steel wire pipe is suitable for the conveying of high pressure or explosive gas and liquid, heavy suction and delivery of liquid sludge. PVC steel wire reinforced pipe is mainly used for chemical industry, building and vacuum pumps
3. If you want to print letters on the surface of the pipe, you can chose Ink printing machine or a spray code machine.

Machine Combination:

  • Raw material+additive→Mixing→Granulating→Conveying feeding→Single screw extruder→Steel wire forming machine→Extruding mould→Spray cooling water tank→Belt haul-off→Winder→packing

Products Could be produced:

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