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PMMA Polymethylmethacrylate acrylic Tube Rod Extrusion Production Line​

PMMA is an economical alternative to polycarbonate (PC) when tensile strength, flexural strength, transparency, polishability, and UV tolerance are more important than impact strength, chemical resistance and heat resistance

PMMA Polymethylmethacrylate acrylic Tube Rod Extrusion Production Line

1. Single screw extruder machine: (1) High quality screw with reasonable structure, and good plasticizing effect, and perfect craftsmanship;    (2) Matured PMMA extrusion technology, skilled commissioning team;    (3) Siemens motor, Omron temperature controller, Mitsubishi frequency converter, which ensures long period stable running of the machine.  2. Extruding die: Special S136H mirror surface steel for dies, the surface of the extruding dies is mirror polished. 3. 3D calibration tank: Stainless steel tank; 3D adjusting machine frame; Easy operation; Stable and strong structure; High calibration precision. 4. Belt type tractor machine: High wear-resistant soft foamed surface PU multi-wedge belt; Stable running speed; High precision; 5. Saw blade cutter and collection stand: Automatic cutting and turnover collection stand.  Machine Combination:
  • single screw extruder 2 sets
  • 5M oil calibrator tunk
  • Water Cooling Tunk 3m
  • Haul-off
  • Online Cutting  machine
  • Collector Chassic
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