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PP PE Pellet making machine​

The unique closed extruder heating zones, reasonable force feeding, advanced exhaust system, automated hydraulic screen changer, practical water-cooling cutting, etc. These advantage make the whole line’s capacity and quality can reach international standards.

PP PE Pellet making machine

Plastic Granulation Equipment Applications:
Applicable plastic materials: PE, HDP E, LDPE, PP, BOPP, etc
Material shapes: Film, bag, (PE, PP) regrind
Material types: Rolls, loose, bundled
Material comes from offcut, industry defective film, washed film and printed film.
Note: Depending on different material properties, various downstream equipments are needed.

Plastic Granulation Equipment Advantages:
1. Material will be cut, pre-heated, pre-dried, mixed and compacted in the cutter Compactor machine
2. Highly efficient with good performance, Less power consumption, Highly automatic
3. Special designed for recycling PE, PP films and regrind in one machine
4. CE Certificate
5. Long service life
6. Customized
7. Support installation and operation training at Buyer’s plant
Remark: Films and regrind can be recycled in one machine, together or separately

Plastic Granulation Equipment Production Process:
Feeding materials onto the Belt Conveyor materials being pre-heated, cut and compacted in the Cutter Compactor /Agglomerating machine being squeezed evenly in the Extruder coming out from the machine head after venting and filtering system Hydraulic screen changer being cut by Water ring pelletizing sytem being dried by Dewatering system being trasnferred into the Silo the End. Machine Combination:
  • 80-180 single screw extruder  1 sets
  • under line strip dies
  • Water Cooling Tunk
  • Palleting circle die
  • air drying system
Products Could be produced:
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