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PU Air Hose Spring Tube Extrusion Machine​

Used in pneumatic tools, Mechanical lubricating oil transport non-corrosive chemical objects circulation, Process control control automation assembly,Ordinary industrial water and garden

PU Air Hose Spring Tube Extrusion Machine



1.The line adopts advanced technology to result both high effect and precise operation. 

2.There are very good preperties for PU tube to against presure,vibration,corrosion,wearing,aging and

bending.Further more,the tube is light in weight,easy to tubing and accurate siaze.

They are widely used in compress system,pneumatic products,braking tube,liquid transportation and

protecting jacket.


Machine Combination:

  • SJ55 single screw Extruder   1 sets
  • spring forming dies
  • Vacuum calibrator basin
  • Haul off machine
  • winder machine and cuttint machine

products could be produced photo:

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