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PVC Angle Bead Tile Corner produce Line

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PVC Angle Bead Tile Corner produce Line
  • This is not a traditional PVC bead extrusion machine, it can replace the old big-noise and low effience punching machine with a VFD inverter control customized punching machine . It is low noise and can improve production speed 30% .
  • With full automatically online precision cutting + counting function, need less labor cost .
  •  We take the DEMAJI twin screw , less abrasion and better plastic melt better ,and less
  • Dies could be 1 for 8,1 for 6 , every tunnel seprately controled,match bulk production
  • Have ready stock , delivery is 3 days .
  • Suthai provide free trainning and debugging
Machine Combination:
  • SJ65 twin screw exturder   1 sets
  • 1 for 6   dies   1 sets
  • 3m Water Cooling Tunk   1set
  • High speed silent punching machine(with Modules)
  • Haul-off and Cut machine (1 for 1 ; 1 for 2 ; 1 for 4)  1
  • Count machine with cutting machine
Products Could be produced:

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