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Seal Strip Extrusion Machine​

Door Seals prevent sound from leaking into and out of a space. Self-adhesive foamtape roll.It’s widely applied to home decoracting and automative field.

Seal Strip Extrusion Machine

Rubber Window and Door Soft PVC Sealing Strip Extrusion Making Machine

It is used for producing pvc sealing strip, the sealing strip is widely use in window and door profile, car industry 

Working Process:
Raw material  → Single-screw extruder →extrusion mould →vacuum calibration table → haul-off → cutter→ Stacker → finished product inspecting & packing

Features of this machine:
* PLC control system is available * All electrical components adopts famous brand : OMRON, ABB, SIEMENS etc * Over current protective of motor * With online protection film wrapping device

Machine Combination:

  • single screw extruder  1-2 sets
  • Vacuum Calibrator Water cooling Tunk
  • Haul-Off belt machine
  • Winder machine

Products Could be produced:
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