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Shower Room magnet Seal Strip​ making machine

We can supply the magnet strip material for you .  And the magnet strip extrusion machine ,please contact us for more details .

Shower Room magnet Seal Strip

1. The machine is used to produce PVC Shower door Seal strip which could be used to seal shower room door or fridge etc by soft and hard materials co-extrusion way;  2. Applied materials: PVC, PC etc; 3. Both magnetic and non-magnetic type could be made.   

4. Features and advantages:

(1) High production capacity;  (2) Stable extruding die forming technology; (3) Durable and long life. Machine Combination:
  • Single Screw Extruder  1 sets or  2 sets
  • 3M Vacuum calibrator water cooling tunk
  • 600mm Belt haul off machine
  • Precision online cutting machine and
  •  collector chassis
Products Could be produced:
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