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Soft hose Extrusion Production Line​

Soft hose extrusion is a mini investment project with a very simple machines. Nowdays, we improved it to be a a automatically production line to help clinets reduce humanpower

Soft hose Extrusion Production Line

1.The extruder has adopted the high accuracy hard gearbox drive, screw material adopts high strength nitride alloy steel((38CrMoALA)or high strength quench alloy steel(9Cr18MoV), the main speed regulating system adopts the FUJI(JAP) or YASKAWA(JAP) inverter, no oil and low noise. Temperature controller adopts the RKC(JAP) digital controller, the temperature accuracy amount to ±1°C. 
2. Stainless steel cooling tank adopts the SU304 material, the frame can 3D move ,easy and trouble free operation ,thanks to the stainless steel saving water tank and stainless steel centrifugal pump, the cooling water can been Circulation use and avoid polluting. Vacuum pump products accuracy and diameter. 
3. Haul-off adopts high accuracy ball bearing orbit direction , the HABASIT(Switzerland) PU belt ,high accuracy worm gear drive ,FUJI(JAP) inverter controller , haul-off speed and center height can be adjusted. 
4. Due to the MITSUBISHI(JAP) PLC program control, cutting the precision length ,auto take count, the saw adopts the special high speed motor(GER) . Machine Combination:
  • Single Screw Extruder  1  sets
  • Vacuum Calibrator 3M water cooling tunk
  • Simple haul off machine
  • Winder machine (Fully automatically or half-automatically)
Products Could be produced:

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