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TPE hose extrusion line

PA,TPE, TPV Tubing Extrusion Line,Special For Automobile
It is extensively used in automobile,medical ,stationery and other industries

TPE hose extrusion Production line

I. Brief introduction

In recent years, PA multilayer composite pipe of automotive fuel system is internationally widely used in car fuel oil system which features a kind of portable, high performance and environmental protection line products.

This product has two, three, four and five multilayer tube and other kinds, its outside diameter has6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and other different specifications. PA multilayer composite pipe can effectively reduce the automobile emission pollution to the environment, and meet the higher environmental requirements. At the same time multilayer composite pipe possesses excellent resistance to penetration performance, can satisfy the EU-III standards.

Based on suthai company’s extremely mature precision small tube extrusion process technology and experience, through the introduction of Germany imported multilayer co-extrusion die technology, we have developed stable performance of 3 layer, 4 layer and 5 layer PA nylon tube co-extrude production line, stable production speed can reach 10-60 m/minutes. Through the successful cooperation with Japan terminal user, we have started gradually promotion for the high-end PA pipe extrusion line in the domestic auto parts market and other overseas regions.


II. Common information of machine line

1. In view of operation safety, machine equipped with:

1.1 E-stop switch;

1.2 Control system to prevent machine from damaged at abnormal condition;

1.3 Flash lamp and voice show machine is under abnormal running condition;

1.4 The parts which probably cause damage to operation staff are all designed with protection.


2. The following technical documents included in the content of purchasing object:

2.1 Installation layout diagram of machines;

2.2 Circuit diagram of machines;

2.3 Operation manual of machines;

2.4 Certificate of machine quality;

2.5 Certificate of machine warranty by supplier;


3. Name and model:  Precision PA/PU tube HIGH SPEED extrusion line

3.1 Output:  20-100Kg/h,  expected producing speed: 0–80 m/min;

3.2 Environment:  Indoor, humidity 0.85, no condensation point, temperature≤40℃;

3.3 Power supply:  380V 50HZ, 3-phase 4wires; Install power ≤80KW;

3.4 Circulation water flow:  8-12.0m3/h; 

3.5 Compressed air:  0.6-0.7Mpa.

3.6 Operation direction of production line is from right to left direction;

3.7 Core height of production line is 1100mm;

3.8 Install space:  18.0m x 3.5m x 3.0m (length x width x height);

3.9 Color of machine: RAL 7035; Or according to client appoint color.

Production process :
  • Material—–>single screw exturder—->dies—->Vacuum calibrator cooling water tunk —->servo driver belt online machine—–>Automatically winder machine
Products Could be produced:

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